5-7-16 Prompt


Just a very thin gold leaf

A bird came down the walk

At the back of the shelf


Hungry this morning. Dinner was sort of sparse last night. I hate trash collection day just because of that. All the cans are empty.

I think I’ll try the blue house first. They just got cable TV and the wire is super easy to cross the yard on. Anything to avoid the pesky cat that’s always hanging out in the backyard.

It’s a long trek through the attic all the way down to the hole at the back of the shelf in the pantry. It’s easy, food everywhere. But wait, there’s nothing here, just an empty shelf. A quick peak at the other shelves and they’re all empty too. Okay, down through the slot under the door and I’m in the kitchen. Now just a quick climb up the refrigerator cord. Uh oh, the fridge is gone too. There are some things on the floor where it was sitting. What’s this? Doesn’t look edible, just a thin gold leafy thing. Oh, there’s something, looks like a Cheerio. Ew, bet it’s been down here two years, at least. Well, when you’re hungry.

I know the one kid was really sloppy. Bet I can find something in his room. It’s fun to run down the middle of the hall. There’s nobody here to see me. No mouse traps either. Yeah, I know what they look like. But we always have to be careful. My savvy street-smart buddy Joe ran into one by mistake. That was a bummer.

Ah, junior’s room. It’s empty, just like the rest. It’s clean too, except for; oh junior, you’re my piggy hero. You left me an open cheese and crackers. The crackers are gone, but check out that cheese! Now I regret eating that stale old cheerio. Yum, and there’s nobody here too chase me away!

I’ll finish this up and head over to the red house. They’re not very clean, so it’s easy to find a meal. But I have to play cat and mouse with their dog. She’s not very bright so it’s easy to evade her, but good golly, nothing disturbs a good meal like all that barking.

I’m stuffed. I hope my fat ass will still fit through that hole by the side door. I’m feeling too fat and lazy to climb back through the attic.

Perhaps I’ll forego the red house and just take a nap.


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